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BTC roof

BTC roof
Proizvođač: BTC
Vrsta: Dvogled
Dostupnost: Dostupno u ograničenim količinama. Provjerite dostupnost na 01/466 000 4

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   - ILI -   
These 42mm models are manufactured to the highest quality standards.The roof prism models are nitrogen filled and water proof. The 14cm length binoculars are lightweight but provide sharp and clear image. All surfaces are fully multi coated
Adjustable eyepiece rubber and diopter setting makes it easy to use the binoculars. The huge field of view is sharp without any distortion, recommended for hikers and hunters expecting the highest quality. 5 years warranty is provided. The lenses are identical to the ones in some popular German versions, except for the rubber coating - and of course the price is much lower. Weight only 77 dkgs and the minimum distance is only 2 meters which makes them perfect to observe insects in the grass.
The 8x42 model provides 7.4 degrees field of view which is the same size what some more expensive ED models offer. The huge eyepiece lens is 23mm in diameter which makes it very easy to use.
The 10x42 model has a field of view of 114 meters at 1000 meter, which is slightly bigger than the field of view of some 8x models. Very sharp image with brilliant colors.


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