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Lacerta Roof ED

Lacerta Roof ED
Lacerta Roof ED
Proizvođač: Lacerta
Vrsta: Dvogled
Dostupnost: Dostupno u ograničenim količinama. Provjerite dostupnost na 01/466 000 4

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The aim was to provide binoculars with similar quality to the Vixen Atrek binoculars but preferably at lower prices and better optical parameters. According to the testers these goals have been achieved: the image is sharp, a bit more contrasty and is more comfortable even during nighttime. The big lenses in the eyepiece make it easy to use. The binoculars are nitrogen filled and contain BAK4 prisms. The 10x magnification model is recommended for older hunters as above 40 years the eye pupil cannot open to 7mm meaning light loss in case of lower magnification models.

Using low dispersion ED glass it is possible to design an objective lens which is completely free from chromatic aberration. Thanks to the light transmission they can be compared with binoculars featuring larger objective lenses. The phase coating provides over 99% light transmission on all air-glass surfaces. Traditionally binoculars with these properties are available at much higher prices only.
The binoculars are rubber coated with very compact design, it is easy to hold steady even the 10x42 model. The focus can be adjusted from infinity to close focus very quickly.
Warning: Some other brands provide binoculars marked as ED series. In some cases this is just a designation of the series and does not indicate that the objective contains ED lens, but it might be misleading.

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