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100/900 SkyWatcher Equinox

100/900 SkyWatcher Equinox
100/900 SkyWatcher Equinox
Proizvođač: Skywatcher
Vrsta: Apokromat
Dostupnost: Dostupno u ograničenim količinama. Provjerite dostupnost na 01/466 000 4
(Poštarina nije u cijeni) 11.990,00 kn
   - ILI -   
The Sky-Watcher 100/900 Equinox ED refractor is optically identical to the excellent 100/900 Black Diamond but is more compact, better made mechanically. The retractable dewshield makes the scope even more compact so it can fit to smaller bags to be transported on airplanes. The 2" dual speed Crayford focuser is 360 degrees rotatable which is essential when taking astrophotos.
These apochromats provide excellent and sharp images with very high contrast and without chromatic aberration. The 100mm ED objective lens can resolve many fine details on the surfaces of the Moon and planets. The recommended magnification of  18-300x makes it possible to observe martian continens and the Cassini division in Saturn's ring system and also the cloud structures on Jupiter. Deep sky objects also provide magnificent views. With low magnification the stellar clusters, open and globular clusters and nebulae provide breathtaking view in our Milky Way.
The telescope is ideal for astrophotography, the images are completely free of colour aberration. The 900 mm focal length provides detailed views of smaller object as well, for example galaxies and planetary nebulae, but the telescope is also capable of imaging larger emission nebulae. No corrector up to APS-C sensor is needed. A recommended accessory is the Sky-Watcher 0.85x reducer/corrector which reduces the focal length to 720 mm and increases the focal ratio to F/7.2.
Sold in an elegant aluminium case.
The Equinox series provide the best quality not only optically but mechanically as well.

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